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Uniform & Personal Property

At King's Sutton Primary Academy children are expected to be suitably dressed for school activities. Therefore a uniform is worn to encourage a positive working atmosphere and to ensure that all children are equal.

Our school colours are burgundy red and charcoal grey.

KSPA personalised uniform, personalised P.E. bags and book bags are available to order in store or online from our supplier:


Items can be ordered either online or in store at Unit 2 Mallorie House,  Beaumont Road, Banbury, OX16 1RGH. Funky Stitch offer a paid delivery or collect from store service. For further information please click here to visit the Funky Stitch website.

Items can also be obtained from any retailer all that we ask is that you follow the school colours.


KSPA Uniform List

  • KSPA branded sweatshirt or cardigan
  • Shirts - plain white or burgundy polo shirt 
  • Skirt or pinafore - charcoal grey
  • Trousers/shorts - charcoal grey
  • Summer dress - red & white gingham check
  • Shoes - Black in a sensible style, low heel - NO BOOTS or TRAINERS
  • Socks - dark plain with trousers & white with summer dress
  • Tights - grey


Children will also require a bag,  we would recommend the following:

  • EYFS and KS1 - a book bag with carrying handle
  • KS2 - small rucksack or shoulder bag


Children joining the EYFS Reception class will also require:

  • Waterproof trousers with elasticated bottoms
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Wellington Boots


All children will require a basic P.E. kit consisting of:

  • Named bag (drawstring bags are ideal)
  • KSPA branded burgundy t-shirt
  • Shorts - navy or black
  • Plimsolls or trainers


Please also include the following if they are relevant:

  • Surgical tape for covering any ear piercings
  • A hair band, for tying long hair up during the games session
  • Pair of ankle socks, for those children who wear tights to school
  • Outdoor clothing for colder weather (e.g. burgundy sweatshirt/hoody, black joggers, gloves etc)


PLEASE NOTE: We encourage children to have their P.E. kit in school all week; it is therefore good practice to bring kits in on Mondays and take home for washing on Fridays. This ensures pupils have kit available should the current timetable change for any reason. Thank you.  


Trainers or plimsolls may be worn for outdoor games, but not for hall lessons. Tracksuits may be worn for outdoor games (black preferably) and for swimming lessons children need a one piece costume or trunks (Please Note: Trunks should be of the tight fitting variety e.g. speedos and not loose Bermuda style shorts), towel and a cap which are obtainable from school office for the price of £1.00. 


NO jewellery, other than watches and small flat stud earrings, may be worn at school, and these MUST be removed or surgically taped up for all Physical Education lessons. Please Note: Children must be able to do this by themselves.


NO make up, nail varnish or temporary tattoos or hair colours are permitted during school hours.


Please make sure that ALL items of clothing, especially jumpers, sweatshirts and PE kit, are permanently and clearly marked with the child’s name. Any named items found in lost property will be returned to their owners when found.


Labelplanet offer a huge range of 'stikins' and 'trons' labels for clothing, shoes, lunchboxes, drinks bottles etc  and will give KSPA 30% commission on any orders when using the hyperlink to our account. Please click on the image below for further information or to place your order. Thank you.



Money & Mobile Phones 

It should not be necessary for children to have large amounts of money at school as KSPA operate a virtually cash free office. Should fundraising money be sent into school this should be done so in a named and sealed envelope and posted in the secure box near the main school office. In the event that mobile phones need to be brought to school, they should be handed in to Mrs Ward at the beginning of the day and collected at the end of school.


Any money, watches etc. found on the premises are taken to the school office, and unclaimed cash is given to charity.


Lost Property

Any un-named items are placed on the trolley near the girls cloakroom and parents/carers are welcome to search these items for any they may be missing. Please Note: Any property unclaimed at the end of a term will be disposed of responsibly.