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Our School Motto

Kindness – we look after each other,

Safety – we keep each other safe,

Pride – we care about our school,

Attitude – we want to learn.


We all use our School Motto as a framework of reference to remind us all how to behave with each other around school. It gives us a shared, empathetic approach to behaviour management.

Rewards and Praise

At King’s Sutton Primary Academy, we aim to recognise, reward and praise all children for their efforts and achievements in a variety of ways. There is a robust system of rewards in our academy which is used by all staff to actively promote high standards of behaviour, discipline, effort and achievement. The class teacher has responsibility for the management of the behaviour of the pupils which they teach.


Class Code of Conduct

When setting their class code of conduct at the start of the academic year each class will discuss the use of House Dojos for demonstrating good conduct within and around the school. These House Dojos will be collected and monitored weekly by House Leaders. The House with the most House Dojos will be announced in Celebration Assembly each week. At the end of each term, the House with the most Dojos will then receive a reward. The children in each House will vote to decide in agreement with their House Leader what their reward will be.


Class Dojo

We use Class Dojo to recognise and reward good behaviours. These rewards are given to individuals, the whole class or house groups. 


House Teams 

We have four House Teams: Watt,  Scott,  Faraday and Parks and each child within our school is a member of one of the houses.  Children can earn house points for a variety of school activities and each week the House Team with the most points is announced in our Celebration Assembly.  


Class 'Ready For Learning' Chart

We have a whole school reward and sanction system in place whereby the children start each day on 'Ready For Learning' and move up or down depending on their learning behaviours. The chart is positive and linked to our values. If children find that they have made a wrong choice then the emphasis is very much on having a chance to put it right and return to 'Ready for Learning'.  Each class has a chart to provide a visual display showing how the children are doing in relation to our school behaviour expectations. All children are included on the display, with a named peg for each child. 


Star of the Week

Each week, the staff will choose a child in each class who has made a contribution to their class, linked to the values of Achieve, Inspire and Respect to receive a Star of the Week award which will be celebrated in Celebration Assembly.


Celebration Assembly

We hold a weekly Celebration Assembly, when the whole school comes together to recognise and celebrate successes from across our school community. These include rewards from within school, as well as awards from activities out of school, such as music or sports achievements.