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Road safety

Road Safety

Why is road safety so important?

Helping children and young people to stay safer is a high priority, and preventing death and serious injury on the roads is an important part of this. Nowadays many children are driven to school every day, walking to school does not always fit in with our busy schedules. Increased traffic makes us cautious of letting children walk alone.

Here at KSPA we want the best for our children; we want them to have friends, to be healthy, happy, confident, independent and to live in a safe, clean environment. Regularly walking to school helps this.

It is important to know what children already know, understand and are able to say or do about staying safer on the road.

We aim to:

  • increase Road Safety awareness within our school.
  • encourage other pupils in or school to act responsibly  and near roads.
  • promote road safety issues to everyone in our school and the wider community.

Parents and carers can find a useful child pedestrian safety guide here.

Road safety appears in different parts of the curriculum and has many links, in areas such as geography, maths and science as well as the social and emotional aspects of learning. 

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