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Admission Criteria

Northamptonshire County Council publishes admissions criteria for all community Primary schools, including King's Sutton Primary Academy, each year. To view this information and access their online application form please click here.


Starting School, Reception Intake

Children who are four before September 1st can start school in the Autumn term of that year. In the Summer term before they join us, children and their parents are invited to school on several occasions enabling children to meet their teacher and spend some time in the classrooms. Parents are also offered a home visit which enables our class teacher and teaching assistants to get to know you and your child in a more informal setting.  


The number we currently admit into our Reception class is 30. Any children living in King's Sutton are the first priority to be offered a place at our school. Places are then offered to brothers and sisters of children living outside this area who will be at the school at the time of admission of the younger child.


If there are more than 30 applications, places are offered to children from outside the area and with no brothers or sisters at the school, according to the distance of their home from the school measured by the most practical route. Parents are usually informed by early April whether there is a place for their child.



Those who are not successful in obtaining a place may appeal to the LEA (Northamptonshire) for a review of the decision. For further information on the appeals process; please click here. No child will be refused a place solely because he or she has special educational needs.


Starting school in 2021?

For children born between 01/09/2016 and 31/08/2017, applications open on Thursday 10th September 2020. The deadline for Primary Admissions is 5:00pm on 15th January 2021.

For further details about the admissions process, please visit NCC School Admissions


Joining King's Sutton Primary Academy from another local school or moving into the area 

Some children join KSPA from other local schools, from schools elsewhere in the UK or from overseas during the school year, all known as 'in-year' admissions. 

  • Find out more about our school by reading our latest Ofsted report, analyse our excellent outcomes and achievements, talk to existing parents and come and visit us to feel the warmth of the school. 
  • Contact Nikki Ward, Office Manager, at KSPA who will check for vacancies in each age group and help you with your application.
  • Northamptonshire County Councill co-ordinate all in-year admissions to classes at KSPA on our behalf. For further details about the admissions process, please visit NCC School Admissions.


We welcome other applications and parents considering our school are warmly encouraged to visit. An appointment can be made by telephoning during school hours.


Admissions Policy Consultation

Prime7 is consulting regarding its admissions arrangements for 2022-23 as part of the statutory consultation process every seven years. The consultation process for admission arrangements for September 2022 intake is now open. Schools are requested to publish any proposed changes to their admission arrangements. The consultation opened on 9th November 2020 and will close on the 20 December 2020. To read our proposed admissions policy please click here. 


Any queries and consultation responses should be sent to: or directly to us at Prime7 


Secondary Transition and Application

At eleven we say goodbye to our children as they leave for secondary school, almost all of our pupils go on to Chenderit School in Middleton Cheney. Chenderit School work very hard to promote excellent links with the feeder primaries in their cluster. A four day transition period during Term 6 ensures our children are carefully prepared for the next step on their educational journey. More information on Secondary applications can  be found here. 


Formal applications should be made for your child's Primary or Secondary place via the LEA (Northamptonshire).

NCC School Admissions 

The local authority; Northamptonshire County Council still process our admissions arrangements and applications should be made directly to them. Applications can be made online or a paper form can be requested from the Admissions Team via email at or by telephoning on 0300 126 1000. They will also inform you of our selection and oversubscription criteria.