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Early Years Foundation Stage

Your child's journey begins in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Reception Class with a home visit by staff with you and your child at home to forge the strong relationships between school and home that will be essential to your child's success.We then encourage our children to come into school as soon as possible so that routines can be established quickly to allow the children to settle in to school life. Our curriculum in the EYFS provides the building blocks for the children to start their learning journey at school. You can visit our curriculum by clicking on the link below or visiting our curriculum page.



'I feel the ‘community’ and encouraging of friendships across the year groups at KSPA is incredible.

I feel my child has friends of different ages, role models and leaders to follow.' 

(Parent survey)



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In the EYFS we seek to support the development of every child as a unique child who is able to reach out and relate to people and things through playing and exploring, active learning, and creating and thinking critically.


During the early weeks, we invest time in getting to know your child by visiting them in their pre-school setting, inviting them into our school for a staged induction process and then by observing their interests, interpersonal skills and learning behaviours in order to plan our teaching and provision. We also offer families the opportunity of meeting with the class teacher and teaching assistant in their own homes when the children spend quality one to one time with staff, and parents are given the opportunity to discuss their child’s interests and needs. 


Our commitment to knowing each child as an individual enables us to deliver a curriculum that meets the needs of every child in our care.


My child has settled well at KSPA and enjoys attending

(Parent Survey)



‘My daughter has settled in very well to her reception class and couldn't be happier.’

(Parent Survey)



There are seven areas of learning which work together to form the Foundation Stage Curriculum. All areas of learning and development are important and inter-connected. Three areas are particularly crucial for igniting children’s curiosity and enthusiasm for learning, and for building their capacity to learn, form relationships and thrive.


These three prime areas, are:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development



These three prime areas are strengthened and applied through the specific areas of:

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the world
  • Expressive arts and design



At King’s Sutton Primary Academy, we aim to develop a very close partnership between teachers and parents/carers that help our children to develop. Tapestry is an easy-to-use and secure online learning journal through which staff and families celebrate their children’s learning and development. Parents are able to view their child’s progress, and how much fun they’re having – online, through the platform as our EYFS staff share observations. Parents can also upload their own thoughts, comments and photographs to contribute to their child’s journal.



'The tapestry site is a wonderful way for me to see what my daughter is doing in class.'

(Parent survey)




Fundamental to our Reception curriculum is the teaching and learning of early literacy and numeracy. Being proficient in the basics plays a huge part in a child's progress as they move through the school. As such, we place high emphasis on ensuring our teaching of reading, writing and maths means that children are ready for the next stage of their education at the end of Reception. Phonics and reading is taught through "Read, Write, Inc" in small groups. 



My child started Reception without being able to read and has already started recognising and blending words.'

(Parent survey)


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