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Illness and Absences

In school every day during term-time! Don’t miss out!

We attempt to maintain an excellent record of attendance at King's Sutton Primary Academy. We know that excellent attendance is directly linked to success and achievement at school.



If your child is unwell you should keep them at home. Please telephone the school office on 01295 811289 before 9:00am if your child will be absent from school. 


Medical Appointments

Routine medical and dental appointments are expected to be taken after school hours and/or during school holidays where possible.


Term-time Travel

Travel during school dates is not permitted, including travel overseas to visit relatives, or to take a holiday. Please check term dates before making travel arrangements.

PLEASE NOTE: If you consider taking your child away from school during term-time, then you are making a choice to deny them their education, risking a fine or court action from West Northamptonshire Council and even losing your place at King's Sutton Primary Academy.