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School Meals

At lunchtime some children go home for lunch, but most stay at school. Our lunch period is staggered over an hour long period between 12:05pm and 1:05pm to ensure that children have enough time to eat their meal without rushing and also so they have plenty of opportunity to play with their friends on the playground.


Packed Lunches

Children are welcome to bring their own packed lunches, however we do respectfully ask that lunch boxes and drink containers be unbreakable and clearly named. Food wrappings and remains should be taken home in the boxes. In their work in Health Education lessons, children learn about taking care of their teeth and choosing a healthy diet. To give children consistent messages and to support this work, we do not allow gum, sweets, chocolate or fizzy drinks in lunch boxes. Please also be mindful to children with nut allergies and ensure your child's lunch is NUT FREE.


Cooked Lunches

Hot school meals are also available daily. As  KSPA doesn't have an on-site kitchen, our meal provision will be provided through the catering company Dolce Ltd. Meals are ordered by parents in advance from home via SchoolGrid, Dolce's own online payment system. On this system you can also view recipes, check artificial ingredient information and block dishes which contain certain allergens. All meals will be freshly prepared and cooked by staff at Chipping Warden Primary Academy kitchen and will be delivered to us daily. A two course meal will cost £2.35 per day.

Please Note: Children will only be served water to drink with their meal.


For further information on Dolce Ltd please click on their logo below.


Getting Started

If you are new to KSPA and require an account, please provide Nikki Ward in the school office with a valid email address, and you will be sent login details for SchoolGrid. This access will allow you to set up a direct debit, pre-order meals, check recipes and ingredients, record your child's allergens if they have them and monitor your account. If you have not received an email containing your unique code, please click on the SchoolGrid logo below, select the forgotten password option and enter your email address. This will generate a new email to be sent which will contain further details. Alternatively contact Nikki Ward for assistance.



To access the login page and order your meals

Please click on the logo below:



Occasionally we ask that children bring a packed lunch (e.g for school trips or Sports day) or a plate of food to share (e.g. Christmas parties) instead of their cooked lunch. Parents will be given advance notice below of these dates.

There will be no hot school dinners on the following dates:


How to Pay

Direct debit is the most convenient way to pay for your child's school meals. Every four weeks SchoolGrid will send you a statement by email, showing how many meals your child has eaten. Just check the email totals the amount owing and, if everything is correct, payment is collected from your account two weeks later. Paying this way means you do not have to top up your account regularly. 


Frequently Asked Questions
What happens if I've booked a meal and my child is absent from school?

If a meal has been pre-booked and your child is ill (meaning and that the food you have chosen is no longer required for that day,) where possible we would ask that you try and cancel it by 8:55am through your SchoolGrid account. Just go to the same section on SchoolGrid (where you place orders) locate the day in question, press the big red 'cancel meal' button at the bottom and you're done! By cancelling this way no food will be wasted. We do understand however that is it not always feasible to meet this deadline when your child is ill. Therefore, Dolce have confirmed that the meal is only updated on their SchoolGrid system as 'chargeable to the parent' when it has been collected at lunchtime by your child and confirmed in their system by the lunchtime server.

Can I pay for meals with cash?
No, Dolce are offering only Direct Debit and online credit card payments in Northamptonshire.

Why doesn't the SchoolGrid portal let me order desserts and side dishes?
Each daily selection of desserts/sides listed on SchoolGrid are available and children just choose what they would like when they collect their lunch. Parents can view all of the desserts and sides that are available through their SchoolGrid account by clicking on the orange ‘Full Menu’ button at the top of the order meals page. The server is made aware of all the child's allergen information and intolerances (if applicable) at the hot plate. Therefore when the child selects their main they will advise if there are any puddings or sides they cannot have.
Dolce say: 'We undertake to provide an adequate provision of puddings, sides and salad bar and children are able to take as many helpings from the salad bar as they like, there is no limit. It offers some flexibility and choice to the pupil whilst guaranteeing their main dish is there when they reach the front of the queue.'


My child has food allergies how will I be sure that they wont receive meals containing something they cant eat?

The SchoolGrid system enables you to record any ingredient that your child may be allergic to. Once you have recorded these allergens the SchoolGrid software will 'blank out' any meals not suitable for your child. The lunchtime server will advise your child of which puddings are suitable and those whish are not.



Paper copies will be distributed to each family three times a year. Each covers two terms and consists of three weekly rolling menus. The latest menu can be downloaded here.