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Tapestry (Learning Journal)

In Reception we use a computer-based system ‘Learning Journey’ called ‘Tapestry’. This is a system which creates a collection of photographs, observations and assessments to build up a picture of each child in order to create an account of their learning journey during their first year at school. The exciting element to this is that you can contribute to it, as well as being able to look at what your child has been doing at any time. The system will email you when a new observation has been added so that you can look at what they have been learning. You can add a comment or ‘like’ the observation if you wish, which is a fantastic way for us to hear your views about what they have done. You can also add your own observations and photographs to your child’s profile so we can build up a better picture of what your child can do. Having observations added by you is such an important part of your child’s learning journey as you know your child best and we only see a small percentage of what they can do. You can also download an app for Apple products (search Tapestry on the App store) which will enable you to add observations on the go, in addition to using a web browser. Examples of observations and photos you might like to add could be your child starting swimming lessons for the first time, riding their bike without stabilisers, helping to tidy their toys, eating with a knife and fork, writing their name in a birthday card. Anything that you see your child doing and think “Wow! That’s fantastic, what an achievement for them!” are all the kinds of things we would love to see and share.


In order to access your child’s learning journey, to view their photographs and observations and contribute to it, we need to create you a user account. You do need internet access in order to use this. If you do not have internet access please let us know and we can support you with this in school. Once we have received your completed Data Collection & Permissions Form we will set you up an account and give you a password to access the learning journey when they start school. We can set up more than one account for other family members if you wish. If you would like any further training with Tapestry please pop in and let us know and we would be happy to demonstrate how to use the software. We really want to make this work and to get the full benefits from the software it would be great to have your support too.


Many of the most meaningful photographs and videos taken in Reception show children interacting in group play or activities with peers, we therefore ask that these are for your own viewing and not shared publicly or uploaded onto any social media websites; such as Facebook. You need to be aware that only you can see the individual photos/videos and observations of your own child. However, your child may appear in a group photo or may be in the background of another child’s individual photos. When there is a group photo and general group observation, all the parents of the children present, will receive this on their account. 


Tapestry is a GDPR compliant company using secure servers in the UK to store data, further information regarding the security of Tapestry is available upon request.


We hope that this system will prove to be a positive step in communicating and sharing information.


We look forward to continuing your child’s learning journey through this wonderful system!