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Sports Day/Week information

Children have been split into 4 different teams – red, yellow, green or blue team. Each team will be a mixture of KS1 and KS2. The staff at KSPA are the black team, we will all be competing against you!!!


There are 8 activities that you can take part in (please see the website for the activity card). For the activities, you will need:

  • A ball of socks (A pair of socks) If you wish, you can make it bigger by adding another pair.
  • Stopwatch/timer
  • Tape measure (this isn’t a must)
  • Teacher demonstration videos (see the school website)


You can also see different members of staff demonstrating each activity on our school website! We would also love to see any photos/videos of you completing events!


Have a go at the different activities and record your scores on the score card.  When you have completed the activities, add all your scores together and  fill in the form by clicking here


We will then count up the points to find the winning Olympic team!