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Dolce Live Kitchen Update

I just wanted to drop you a quick message as I know many of you are worried that you haven't heard from the new meal providers. (I was too!!!)

I contacted a lady called Nikky from Live Kitchen this week who said that emails had been sent to school but we hadn't received them. I have now made my email the new contact email and have completed  a dozen 'test' emails and I am happy to say that so far we have not stumbled across any more email problems at least!

I have collated everyone's email addresses from slips returned (please don't worry if you forgot to return it as I have filled in gaps from my database...surprisesee I'm good like that!)

These were sent by me and received earlier today by Live Kitchen.  A lovely lady called Diane has confirmed that they have been received and that she will be uploading data today/tomorrow at latest. Once uploaded it should generate emails/logins for parents/carers. (Keep your fingers crossed please!!)

Hard copies of menus were delivered to school yesterday and will be distributed tomorrow, however I have scanned an attached copy for your convenience (I'll add it to website over the summer.) This one runs from September to December and meals MUST be booked online only.